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Documentary Film

Silly Pink Bunnies: A Nation of Dons

Unraveling the myths and legends of the self-proclaimed "world's meanest gang", A Nation of Dons peers into the inner-workings of the decades old "Silly Pink Bunnies" crew.  Are they a secret society occasionally on the wrong side of the law, a skateboarding club, an artist collective, pioneers of the DIY skatepark scene, or all and none of the above simultaneously?

Message Not Understood

Has personal computing lived up to its promise? Has this ever present technology increased our potential as human beings?  

Our documentary seeks to explore these questions by asking the people who helped invent what today we call personal computing.

Many have long disagreed with the direction their collective creation has been taken. Now is the time to hear their underreported perspective -- to examine computing as a medium, to grasp the future they originally envisioned, and to get their all important take on the present. 

As Silicon Valley barrels unblinkingly towards the future, we believe there are crucial lessons from the past.

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